My name is Emma or ‘Zelda’ as my blog would suggest (call me whichever, I don't mind). I’m twenty years old, and I live on a little island on the south coast of England - which really isn't as glamorous at it sounds, trust me! 

I’m  always caught up in my own little world of pretty things and animals of all kinds, especially dogs and big cats. Aside from all things blogging, I'm currently working for Lush but I am a bit of a self-confessed geek - I enjoy videography, motion graphic design, physics, and playing guitar.

I like to write about anything that has my attention at the time, whether it be beauty or fashion related, as well as little life snippets, personal bits and bobs and just about everything in-between.
As I'm sure most bloggers will say if you ask them, this little page of mine plays a huge part in my life, and my dream is to one day be able to work on it full-time. Or to become a Disney Princess, either or.

I love talking to new people so please don't be a stranger - tweet me/email me and we can have a little chat!  
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